A Writer Writes

I’m a “writer” who is afraid to write. Yes, you read me correctly. I worry incessantly about my choice of language, content, whether anyone will be interested in what I have to share etc. that I don’t even bother to type a single word. I think too much. In other words, I’m just too lazy.

I recently started doing my Masters in Media and Communications and needless to say, I will have to start writing regularly soon. Otherwise, what’s the point?Ah, growing up, I had great hopes and dreams just like anyone else. I wanted to be a good writer while I still had a voice. I wanted to finish the novel I had started when I was 14. But I merely hid my de-motivation behind a shield of “writer’s block” and my lack of goals and focus did not help one bit.

Recently, I came across this amazing little pocket book in a local bookstore called “God Never Blinks : 50 Life Lessons” by Regina Brett.

Intrigued as I was, I started reading the small chapters right then and there at random. I came across Lesson no. 18. A writer writes. If you want to be a writer, write. This lesson struck so close to home. It told me everything I had been doing wrong or “How not to write”. I had been taking endless classes, courses and what not but I had not been doing the most important exercise of all – writing.

Regina’s last line really woke me up, “How not to be a writer -Wait until a doctor says you’ve got six months to live. Die with your words still inside of you.” 

You can read the whole chapter here

For the 50+ lessons (she has added 6 more to her list since getting her book published), you can click here

This blog post is a re-entry into this beautiful world of expression. I hope I can continue to pour my heart out without the little voice nagging me all the time. I hope I can continue to express myself through penmanship. And lastly, I hope I can just write fearlessly. After all,”words are all I have….”

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