From chick flicks to flying kicks

There’s something about chick flicks that makes me really happy. They’re my release. I have probably watched every contemporary romantic-comedy there is to see. From “When Harry met Sally” to “27 Dresses”. From “A Shop around the corner” to “You’ve Got Mail”. You name it, I’ve seen it. (Well maybe not all, but 98% of the modern ones are in my possession.)

There’s something very comforting about a chick-flick (to a girl at least!), be it a girly-girl movie or a romantic-comedy. The hero and the heroine are often at sparring ends of each other whilst trying to ignore their growing attraction, only to end up falling in love at the end.

What is about this particular genre that attracts me? Some of the reasons, I might add, are quite superficial. The dreamy men for one. *blush*.  The average hero is either a cute, nerdy character or a hunky-three day stubble worthy-cowboy. I like both. The other reason is that these movies only raise hope that there is someone made for everyone. Some might argue here that it only raises unrealistic expectations, but hey, there’s nothing wrong in dreaming, I say.

It’s funny how a hunky hero can make me watch movies I wouldn’t ordinarily watch. Before I didn’t know who Brendan Fraser was, I wouldn’t dare to go watch an action movie. All that blood, gore and noise just wasn’t (and still isn’t!) for me. From the sweet innocent buffoon of a character “George” that he played in George of the Jungle to the hard, relentless and fearless “Rick O’Connell” in The Mummy, Brendan stole my heart somewhere along the way.

As a bumbling, sweet pea George

As tough and fearless, Rick O’Connell

In the same way, Hugh Jackman changed my perception about sci-fi movies. I first saw him in Kate and Leopold (a deep sigh again). The sweet, lovable, quirky Meg Ryan with the tall, handsome, suave Hugh Jackman. Just so I could see him again, I watched his X-Men series with great enthusiasm. What a contrast! The rough and tough Wolverine with the bad attitude. Of course, I loved him in that too!

Hugh Jackman as handsome, polite gentleman Leopold

Angry young man with claws of steel, Logan aka Wolverine

And the same goes for Robert Downey Jr. (Until You, The Iron Man series) and many other actors I have loved to watch in both romantic and action-oriented settings.

But there is a commonality in all of these scenarios. I have to see the emotional, sensitive side of these actors first in romantic settings for me to enjoy their bad-ass side. That is their appeal to me.

So till I find a guy like Leopold and Logan combined, I’m happy to be watching chick flicks and action kicks. 🙂

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