It’s all in the mind

I never quite understood what the above phrase really meant until a couple of years ago. I was a very negative person until then and obviously this is very hard to admit on a public platform. Let’s just say I was not in a very good place at the time and a lot of my rigid boundaries that I had set for myself didn’t help at all. I wanted guidance, help and support and I didn’t quite understand what God wanted me to do though I prayed everyday. A lot of people told me to stop taking life so seriously and start thinking positively and this advice was not only lost on deaf ears but it also hurt. A lot.

One of my aunts, a very successful lawyer, is a huge advocate of self-help books (pun intended). She swears by them and for the life of me, I could never understand why. In my darkest moments (which were many), she would always tell me to read self-help books. I always dismissed her with various excuses. “How will self-help books help me?” “I only read fiction. Non-fiction bores me.”

Well, everything comes to you at the right time and for me that was in 2010-2011. I was in my lowest of lows and things were not looking up for me, they were only going downhill from there. Or so I thought. God had other plans for me. He sent me my aunt again to help me through those times. She would constantly try to keep me inspired and motivated. She has a lovely ritual where she spends a ‘holy hour’ every morning before getting ready for work to read self-help books and pray which help her get into a positive state of mind for the day ahead. She would tell me to read passages aloud from books to her whilst getting ready.

In 2010, she introduced me to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The film was released in 2006 and subsequently the book in the same year. It caught on like wildfire. References have been taken from the Bible, the Quran and the Bhagvad Gita, the teachings of Gautam Buddha and so many other credible sources. It indicates that the message is in no way new. But it was all new to me. It was exactly like a light bulb had gone on over my head.

To summarize, the message says “You can achieve whatever your heart desires through the power of your mind.” Sounds complicated. But its not.

I saw the film first and read the book next, eager to soak in its wisdom. I learned about the Law of Attraction which says that ‘like attracts like’. If you plant a negative seed in your mind, you will get nothing but a poisonous fruit whereas if you think positively, a lot of doors will open up for you. I had heard all this before but it had never made much sense. After reading the book, a fog in my mind lifted and I was able to understand and see things more clearly than ever.

I did many things that the teachers in the book suggested. They were difficult at first like expressing daily gratitude. I started to become thankful for small things that we take for granted – food, water, our family and friends, the roof over our heads, clothes, cars, electricity etc. I wrote down “Thank You Thank You Thank You” over and over again feeling the gratitude.

I practiced the three step process. I developed patience and faith.

1) Ask what you want.
2) Believe with all your power that it is already yours.
3) Be ready to Receive it when it comes to you.

I wrote down my affirmations and goals. I even made a Visualization Board. I read daily stories of success that people posted after practicing from “The Secret”

And slowly but steadily, things started to look up for me. I started to see the changes in myself and so did the people around me. Every time a negative thought came into my mind, I would immediately replace it with a positive thought. I refused to believe put myself down in the doldrums again. I would put myself on the highest possible mental frequency ever to match the frequency of whatever I wanted. My relationships with my family and friends improved greatly and I was feeling on top of the world. I was learning to grab opportunities at the right time. I was waking up with purpose.

Valuable lessons I learned :

1) Its okay to feel lost sometimes but the main thing is to find the way back again.
2) No problem is bigger than YOU. Whatever it is, this too shall pass.
3) God truly helps those who help themselves.
4) You just have to be patient and keep faith.
5) Why be sad when you can be happy instead? Positivity is the key to happiness.

The Secret helped me immensely to come out of my difficult times and I will be eternally grateful to my aunt for introducing me to it and to Rhonda Byrne and the teachers for inspiring thousands others like myself to try and be a better person.

To quote Barney Stinson from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True Story.” 🙂

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