Guest Post: 5 Bookish Goals by Sophie

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I’m Sophie and I am hopping on over to this blog to share a little something. The lovely host of this blog Thistles and Whistles and I, through Blogging 201, got together (via the beauty that is the internet and e-mail) and started brainstorming ideas for both our blogs. The result is this, 5 bookish related goals. They are not so much about books themselves but instead are inspired by a love of them and all things literary.

Thistles and Whistles’ list can be found over here and this is mine:

1) Attend London Literature Festival – This happens in the autumn time and I have always intended to go but the timing has never really been right and this year it seems like it could be, even if it is just for a day. I have always loved the Southbank and there is always something kind of awesome going on down there, so I would quite like to experience the buzz that comes with events being held there.

2) Acquire and organise a bookshelf – Currently all of my books reside under my bed in a huge, completely unorganised pile. There are books from my childhood and literally every book I studied at uni with everything else in between. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, I want to be able to organise them and stare in wonder at all the book spines in their various, beautiful states of wear and tear.

3) Visit various author museums/houses etc – So confession time, I live with relatively easy access to places like Stratford-Upon-Avon and the likes and have never actually been to them. It’s probably about time that I change that. (And I might just drag my best friend along to some when she has stopped being all fantastic and studying medicine.)

4) Re-visit Harry Potter Studios – I don’t really hide the fact that I am a Harry Potter fan. Fun fact, it was a huge bonding topic with my best friend and I. I have been before, but it was a) a fairly hot day so everything seemed kind of sluggish and parts were overly hot to deal with and b) so oddly overwhelming that I didn’t really take it all in. There is just so much to look at and so many details to notice that I really want to appreciate more. So a re-visit is definitely necessary.

5) Get an actual first draft of my 2014 Nano novel finished – I have talked about this beast in a few posts over on my blog and I have yet to finish it. There are many reasons for it, for example I have been more inspired to write other shorter pieces because I know I can get them finished and also because they aren’t set in that world that I lived so intensively in for 30 days. So I aim to try get it to a complete state, mainly for myself at this point, by the end of summer…that may be too ambitious, we’ll see. Definitely before November though because there is a chance I am made enough to do it all again.

So that’s my list. Do any of you guys have any bookish goals? Leave your comments below and let us know!

(Parentheses count: 3.)