Writing 101 – Day 8 – Expand a Comment

Old soul

When I started to look up the comments I had left on other blogs, I was limited to only today’s comments. None of my older comments were showing up so I chose comments that were left behind on my blog. It was a response to a Day 3 assignment of Writing 101.

Comments on my blog

Maybe I might have misunderstood Gina’s response but since I mentioned my recent discovery of being an old soul, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write a post that I had been meaning to write for some time now.

Sometime ago, in a land called WordPress, I discovered a blog (the name of which I cannot recall unfortunately) which mentioned signs of being an old soul. Not knowing what an old soul was, I proceeded to read further and found myself relating to a majority of those signs!

What is an old soul?

According to website Loner Wolf, an old soul is a person who is “old in heart, old in mind and old in soul and who finds his outlook on life vastly different and more matured than those around him.” Basically, it is the inability of a person to find interest in and connection to people of the same age group.


There are several signs that signify you’re an old soul. These were some of the signs I recognized in myself that were indicative that I might be an old soul:

  1. Not putting value on owning, expensive material items – I am not much of a “I-have-to-have-this-or-I’ll-just-die!” kind of girl. I honestly am a minimalist when it comes to make-up, electronics, purses, jewellery and other stuff. I tend to just borrow my sister’s things and I don’t even know the names or recognize half the brands. Although I do love shoes and clothes, I don’t really own that many.
  2. Finding enjoyment through self-expression – What better way to express myself than through this blog? I love writing, always have since I was very young and I don’t think it’s going to go away anytime soon!
  3. That feeling that you’re somehow different from the rest of the crowd – This is NOT where I start to blow my own trumpet, mind you! This is just that odd feeling of not being able to connect with friends of my age group on the same level. Some of them love partying hard, I don’t. I only occasionally enjoy it when I am in the mood. Some love the latest music with lyrics that  make no sense (to me!), while I still live in the world of old classics and 90’s rap (I do enjoy many kinds of modern music, just not able to go gaga over it – no pun intended). Little things like that.
  4. Strangers like to strike up conversations – This has happened many times so maybe I just give out some kind of vibe? I don’t know. But I do enjoy talking to people (as long as they are not creepy!)
  5. Seemingly old-fashioned – As I said, I love old songs and movies (maybe it’s because I have grown-up watching them with my dad and it’s embedded in me?). I also would rather curl up with a good book or write actual letters than go partying all night long.
  6. Spiritually inclined – Yes, I am! I loved reading Buddhist spiritual leader Thich Nhat Hahn’s No Death, No Fear and definitely interested in reading more about the deeper meaning behind life and beyond. I also love watching Terri Savelle Foy’s videos and sermons because she combines preaching with personal development and is so inspirational !
  7. Just feeling ‘old – Boy, this is true for me but it was so hard to admit ! I do feel like I have been born with “old-people” qualities such as wariness, tiredness, aches and pains and a certain kind of detached feeling. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun! I play hard but I lose steam pretty quickly physically, emotionally and mentally. I am the one who’s usually sleeping on the way back home from a night out or adventure. 😛
  8. The one who doles out advice – Not voluntarily most of the time! Friends do tend to ask me for advice even though I am not sure I am always qualified to give it because as I said I am not able to connect with them on all levels all the time.
  9. Not understanding half of what the kids are talking about nowadays – YOLO! FML, FTW (what?!) Justin Bieber who? I lost track of it all ages ago and am way far behind. *le sigh*
  10. Enjoying connecting with old people – Because not only are they cute but they just have the coolest stories to tell and so many lessons to teach ! 🙂

Before anyone gets defensive (I hope not!), I am not judging anyone for their likes/dislikes. Everyone has a right to do what truly makes them happy. I’ve been called boring and old-fashioned because I squeal, “OMG, I LOVE THIS SONG!” when an old classic plays over the radio but I can’t help it – I just happen to enjoy different things. That’s just me.

When I realized all of the above, a lot of my confusion melted away. I was able to embrace myself for who I am- boring, old-fashioned and all. It also gave me the opportunity to try to find like-minded people who do understand me and can relate to similar things. It also gives me the chance to correct some ‘old soul’ aspects that I don’t like about myself and being open to new experiences and taking better care of my self. 🙂

1. 14 Signs You’re An Old Soul
2. 9 Signs You’re An Old Soul
3. 23 Signs You’re An Old Soul
4. 10 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul
5. The Old Soul

Please note these some of these sources are just purely for entertainment purposes and not actual pieces of research.

What did you think of this post? Are you an old soul too? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 8 – Expand a Comment

  1. Gina Blue says:

    Surprise! I click your link and…there I am on your page! I took a short break to get comfortable with that moment…and now I’m back. An old soul. I’ve heard about that concept but didn’t check it out after you mentioned in it your reply. Yes, after reading the attributes of an “old soul,” that may be what I am. Any reading suggestions? Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thistles and Whistles says:

      Ooh, I am so sorry if I made you uncomfortable by posting your comment (it wasn’t my intention at all.) I think I was only supposed to post my response to your comment but I put both up for contextual purpose. Apologies again!

      I am actually interested in knowing more about the soul concept. I know very vague theories about it but interested to know more. Will definitely post something once I do find something new.

      Thank you for visiting and relating to the post. 🙂


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