Writing 101 – Day 13 – Compose a series of vignettes

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa

He took us to his village a few miles away and pulled up a rope cot in his Bengal Gram fields on which we sat. Meanwhile he lit a mini bonfire on which he roasted large clumps of fresh Bengal Gram pods and served them fresh to us. Never had I eaten anything so delicious and sweet, right from the fields.

Oh, did I tell you? He’s our milkman in my ancestral village. We call him Bhachu Kaka.

Never had I met anyone with such a hospitable heart.


The two sisters insisted vehemently that my roommate and I accompany them to their home about a kilometre away from the village where we staying. Their home was small, old-fashioned and simple and they were obviously not very well-off but they urged us not to leave without having lunch even though we had already had some before. We were served a non-pretentious yet delicious meal of roti  and aloo tamatar sabzi which they fed us with their own hands before eating themselves.

Why couldn’t we eat it ourselves? Because the two girls had spent two hours of their lunch time painstakingly applying intricate henna designs on our hands just because we had asked them to.

Oh did I tell you? They used to work in the ladies treatment section of the Nature Cure Center where we were staying. We call them Parul and Premila.

Never had I met more selfless and generous spirits.


The ancient library which housed books more than 150 years old was also the residence of an old couple in their 80s. The old gentleman was reading a newspaper in the adjoining little house when we requested him if we could just have a look around the library while his wife was trying to take a nap. It was obvious that my roommate and I had crashed their siesta time at 3pm but they seemed far from irritated.

They welcomed us very warmly and served us sweet and delicious harvested rain water while the old gentleman told us stories of his childhood, the history of the library and how proud he was of his family’s accomplishments. He could not hear very well but was a great storyteller. He and his wife were such a sweet old couple that my roommate and I could not help but immediately fall in love with them.

Oh did I tell you? He was a very gifted poet and one of the founding members of the Nature Cure Center we were staying at. We called him Bhavanji Bhai.

Never had I met more open-hearted souls.

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9 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 13 – Compose a series of vignettes

    • Thistles and Whistles says:

      Indeed it makes you really think about how content and truly happy some people are even if they have little to share. But they’re so open to sharing whatever they’ve got with any expectations that it’s really heart warming. Thank you for visiting my blog! 😀

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