Writing 101 – Day 17 – Mine from your own material


In February of this year, I tweeted, “I want to be able to look back at my tweets one day and see how much I’ve grown as a person since I started tweeting. on my personal Twitter account.

I didn’t really tweet much after that because I wanted to cut back on my addiction to social media and engage in something productive. When I went through my old tweets for the sake of this assignment, I realized I had made the right choice.

There is so much unnecessary data floating around in the black hole known as the Internet that it seems pointless to add more rubbish to it. My earlier tweets have been nothing more than unimportant fleeting thoughts passing through my mind at that moment and it seems that Twitter was my only way of expressing them. It was fun yet sometimes cringe-worthy to look back at them (I have fangirled embarrassingly too many times to count) but most importantly, it was interesting to see how much I have evolved since the past 4 years that I have been on Twitter.

Now when I look at my old tweets, it seems to me that I was merely talking to myself aloud. I’ve had very few actual conversations on Twitter and most others have only been retweets.

Maybe I’ve changed. I am definitely not the same person who would get excited at a Twitter or Facebook notification. I’ve also been a bit wary of social media and sharing personal bits and pieces about my life which is why most of my accounts are anonymous. Personally, I feel that having a real platform to talk about things you care for is much more important than sharing a few words in 140 characters which gets lost easily in the flotsam jetsam of the Twitterverse. But that’s just my opinion and I don’t want to contradict anyone else who thinks otherwise.

However, I had a ball of a time reading my old tweets. I didn’t realize that I had sent out some really witty ones in jest and it was fun to use the creative content generator Poetweet to create some random and hilarious poetry out of my tweets.

In conclusion, Twitter (and Facebook) are great at spreading the word around and creating a huge brand presence but my personal preference of a meaningful platform as a form of expression and audience engagement has definitely been blogging on WordPress. Having said that, if you enjoyed this blog post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help spread it by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. One can’t be too antisocial! 😉


If you’d like to contact me for enquiries or just to say hello, you can email me at thistlesandwhistles@hotmail.com or even connect with me on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads and BlogLovin’

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21 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 17 – Mine from your own material

  1. Pancake Bunnykins says:

    I totally agree with this one. I was so addicted with facebook and twitter before, but now it doesn’t even excite me a bit. They’re all just an ordinary mumbling and rumbling place for some people, like the latest gossip or who went where.
    And you’re right, there are lots of informations and new ideas that you can find in wordpress, those that are meaningful and actually worth reading. 😀

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  2. susurrus says:

    I’ve never taken to Facebook (I just don’t like the idea) and I tweet in a semi-embarassed fashion now and again because I think I ought to! I used to love Pinterest – I think I used it to help me get my eye in for the kind of photography I liked as I was starting to take more pictures myself.

    Since starting to blog, I have much less interest in Pinterest and have to remind myself to share a few things there now and again. Blogging seems a much more satisfactory way to communicate.

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    • Thistles and Whistles says:

      I completely agree! Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are so huge and I find there are many haters out there (for absolutely no reason) that put you off communication altogether. Having said that, Pinterest and Instagram are definitely two of my favourite apps for imagery. But I get the most creative satisfaction from the blogging world which is still a very sacred place and where ideas are shared and new things are learned. Thanks for sharing, I am glad you can relate as well! 🙂


  3. rosemawrites says:

    Oh I definitely agree. I thought it was just me but my younger-self loved Twitter and Facebook too much! But now I love WordPress more because I think blogging is actually better. 🙂 I am learning more especially as a writer. 🙂

    I love your sensibilities, too! 🙂

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  4. Annie says:

    I have a Poetweet sitting in my draft right now 😀 Might share it with everyone one of these days. I don’t tweet that much, I use it to get snippets of news and information really. Poetweet had to work hard with whatever words I’ve used in my tweet 🙂


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