Note to Self #1 – You Ain’t Got Nothing If You Ain’t Got Health

NaBloPoMo November 2015

Dearest T,

A very happy 30th in advance! Although it may feel odd right now having to transition from your twenties to your thirties, but believe me the best part of your life has just begun! Your mistakes and experiences have taught you several things and for that you should take a moment and say thanks for all that you have learned over the years.

This is my first note to you from a series of 30 notes. Everyday, I will remind of all that you have learned in your three decades on earth but sometimes tend to forget. Think of this series as your work in-progress life manual which you can always refer to should you need reminding and add (or remove!) lessons as you grow older and hopefully wiser.

Dear T, I am sure you remember how much you have gone through in terms of your health since your early childhood. You’ve had more downs than ups, suffered more pain than joy and spent more days at home in your bed for the most part of your life rather than enjoy life as a healthy person should have done.

But things have been so much better in the past five years since you finally figured out bad habits and bad foods that weren’t working for you. Your lifestyle is so much better ever since you gave up western medicine and adopted naturopathy. Allowing your body the chance to heal itself without any medicine was the best decision you could have ever taken.

But the healing process is not over yet T. Despite knowing and making active changes, there are still some things you need to change and be more consistent about. I know that you know what needs to be done but owing to your little distraction problem, let’s have a little recap and bring things back into focus, shall we?

1. Listen carefully to your body: Start by observing what your body is telling you. Is there a particular food item you’re still eating that isn’t suiting you and giving your body stress? Remember the 80/20 rule – 80% fresh foods and 20% grains to keep your body alkaline. I know that through careful observation and experimentation in these past 5 years, you’ve removed gluten, dairy, spicy, processed, fried and other junk food out of your life but you still need to be careful. Even the seemingly harmless things might not be working in your favor. Think of it as removing life-sucking vampires out of your system.

2. Eat at the same time everyday: This is so important. Your digestive system is only active from sunrise to sunset and its peak times are from mid-morning to late afternoon. So that means, anything you eat after 6-7pm is going to have trouble getting digested. Please, please avoid eating late or sneaking in those midnight snacks that I know you’re so fond of.

3. Exercise: I know exercising or any physical activity has never been one of your strong points but it’s the only way you will ever be completely healed. Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation have helped you in the past, so please be regular and consistent. Your focus and willpower are going to need a strong workout right now so you can have a healthy, resilient body full of stamina in the near future.

4. Wake up early and go to bed early: Aah, I see we’ve touched a raw nerve here. Your parents have always badgered you about this but you have never listened. This one is particularly hard for you to change but you’ve experienced all its benefits first-hand and know how wonderful it feels to wake up super early, feel productive and energized the entire day. Your body feels lighter, your entire system is more active and your mental focus is so much stronger. So why not just suck it up and stick with it?

5. Use affirmations: You have Louise L. Hay to thank for this. You would never have started using affirmations to heal your body if it weren’t for her books and affirmation podcasts. Already the two weeks that you have spent in re-programming your body is reaping such miraculous results! Imagine if you did it consistently for two months, you would be completely healed of all your chronic problems! My advice – don’t stop. 

6. Go to your doctor: T, you’ve always had Iatrophobia (fear of doctors) since early childhood. Intimidating doctors and their countless tests, medicines and inaccurate diagnoses have added to your already existing anxiety issues and because of this, your healing process has never worked effectively. Since you have started to consult naturopathic doctors, you have become more calmer and realized that you are your own doctor. This knowledge has regenerated your body and given you immense power. However, you still need regular checkups to make sure you are on the right track and you also need to begin taking supplements. Don’t delay.

I hope T, that after reading this, you will remember that ultimately you are responsible for your own life. There will be temptations but I know you can handle them because you have been successfully doing it these past few years. Don’t ever feel that you are missing out on the foods you cannot eat and embrace the endless possibilities of the things that are beneficial for you. The world is changing its viewpoint and leaning towards health and you are luckily a step ahead. So just keep going and doing what you have to do.

Remember, the rest of your life needs to be the best of your life.

Much love,

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8 thoughts on “Note to Self #1 – You Ain’t Got Nothing If You Ain’t Got Health

  1. writenlive says:

    Notes to self are a wonderful way to recap what you have learnt over the years and articulating your wisdom means it benefits others as well.
    Thanks so much for the reminder that health really is our best wealth.
    I am glad that you found naturopathy helpful. Keeping track of what works for you so empowering!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thistles and Whistles says:

      Indeed, it’s my first time writing notes to self and it feels good to know that I have accumulated thoughts that I can remind myself of when things do not go the way I want them to go. Naturopathy is really great, I would suggest everyone try it at least once. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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