Note to Self #5 – Take A Little Break


Dear T,

Today hasn’t been a great day. But it’s okay. Things happen. Just let the angry feelings pass by like a passing grey cloud. I know you’re not in the mood for a big pep talk kind of note so here’s a little impromptu poetry which I know I am not very good at but it might just cheer you up. It will remind you that taking a step back is more important than expressing anger at a situation that is out of your control at the time.

Blue Funk

You’re having an off day and,
things are just not going your way.
People frustrate and vex you,
you just want to keep problems at bay.

When people don’t take you seriously,
it really bothers you on the inside.
Overthinking things doesn’t help either,
And it feels like a part of you just died.

It’s okay to take a little break,
Detach yourself from the crowd.
Take a pen and paper,
And just let it all out.

Time heals all wounds and,
Little inflicted pains.
You need to step back and,
Watch your anger go down the drains.

Pretty soon you’ll find,
That your problems have all shrunk.
Next thing you know,
You’ll be out of that blue funk.

Hope it cheered you up somehow.

Much love and happiness,

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15 thoughts on “Note to Self #5 – Take A Little Break

  1. Annie says:

    My dear friend T, I’m sorry to hear your day didn’t go so well. I can relate to the poem so much, as I was there not long ago.
    There was a period in my life when I used to think that fighting back was a sign of strength. Within the past couple years, I learned a few things, I learned that there are things I can let go.
    Beautiful poem.

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    • Thistles and Whistles says:

      Thank you so much for your best wishes Annie! I did have a bad turn in the afternoon at work which affected my mood. When people fail to take me seriously, it affects my self-confidence. I did consider fighting back but it would have spoiled my long-standing reputation which is so not worth it. I am glad I kept my mouth shut and when I came home, I drafted an email letting all my grievances out but did not send it. It helped me so much to let it all out and when I calmed down, I found the ways to tackle the situation in a better way. I agree, it’s so important to let go because the heat of the moment can ruin everything! Thanks so much for sharing and the vote of confidence! I really appreciate it! 😀

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  2. rosemawrites says:

    Awww. You said you’re not good in impromptu poetry but it’s just a big NO!!! This is great. I love the rhythm and rhymes and the chosen words!

    BTW, going back to you my dear T, I hope you are totally fine. I am glad that you know how to cheer up yourself because not everyday is our best days. There are always a lot of people whose role in this world is to destroy one’s morale.

    It’s okay to feel sad and feel down because I know you’ll get up. Better and fiercer! 🙂

    Lots of hugs,

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    • Thistles and Whistles says:

      Yes! I used to write in a diary for several years but realized it wasn’t very effective because I wasn’t able to find the solutions. Even though I am not sharing everything on the blog, it has been far more rewarding because it allows much more room for feedback.


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