Note to Self #7 – Don’t Be Afraid To Embrace Yourself

self-acceptance.jpg-w604Dear T,

There are 7.3 billion people in this world and none of them is you. We are all different identities with different thought and behavioural patterns. Can you imagine how unique we are from the roots of our hair to the tips of our toes! If no two fingerprints are the same, then why should we strive to be like anyone else? Why be a wannabe when you can simply be you?

You were never made to fit in. In fact, there is no set mould that anyone comes from. So when you think that your ‘friends’ judge you for being nothing like them, then it’s their problem not yours. You’re not them and they’re not you so get used to the idea.

T, you’re almost 30 and you’re getting into the ‘I don’t really give a damn’ stage of your life. You’re suddenly more comfortable with who you are, what you like and dislike, who you want to keep company with. You also know that making comparisons with others is not such a great idea.

You know you’ll always be the girl with two left feet and you’re suddenly okay with doing the crazy ‘chicken dance’ as one of your friends called it once. In fact, you can totally ace the drunken dance, without even being drunk! That’s how good (errr..bad) you are at dancing!

Although your petite height and eternally baby face have been the bane of your existence, you’ve accepted the fact that you’re never going to be of average height or be graceful. You’re okay when people say, ‘Oh, you’re so small and cute! You’re like our little child.’ instead of making some superbly flattering comment.

You’re okay that somehow whenever you eat, you magically get crumbs in your hair. You’re okay with the fact that you have to take care of what you eat because your health comes first rather than just two seconds of the taste of your favourite foods. You’re okay with the fact that you are always the one getting high on juice at a party because you’re a teetotaler and that you would rather pig out on fruit than that delicious pizza that you once used to love so much.

You’re okay with the fact that you are not so great with numbers. Hell, you still don’t even understand the basics of economics. But that’s okay. You don’t have to be a pro at everything! You’re even okay with not having the powerful memory where you can simply look back into your past and pull out a memorable incident.

You’re cool with being Miss Butterfingers when your hands are full of things. You’re even getting to the point where falling down is the reason for a great laugh instead of embarrassment at your clumsiness.

You’re okay with the fact that you would rather sit home and read than go clubbing every weekend. You’ve also accepted that you can get a bit excessively happy, sad or angry sometimes. You know that it doesn’t make you crazy, it just makes you, you!

There are plenty of things that you’re still not okay with but there will come a day when you won’t even give an owl’s hoot about them. In fact, you’ll wonder why you even cared in the first place!

Till that day comes T, just keep embracing and loving more things about yourself. I leave you with a Dr.Suess quote:

“Today you are YOU,
That is TRUER than true.
There is NO ONE alive
Who is YOUER than YOU!

Much love,

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