Did You Miss Me?


It feels strange coming back to this space again. I feel exactly like how a kid would feel on rejoining school after taking a year off. I am assuming the first day jitters, butterflies, anxiousness and nervousness are not unlike to what a kid would feel. All the new faces and the old ones who you hope would still remember you. I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot and there’s a lot of catching up to do. There’s a serious case of #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that I’m experiencing right now but that’s okay, I think it’s probably normal.

I really did miss this space and all you lovely friends out there. After I wrote the ‘Mini Hiatus’ post (The Mini Hiatus which turned out to be a Major Sabbatical), I completed my temporary freelance job by the end of December. I was already thinking (maybe thinking too much!) of coming back to this space but my mom who suffers from osteoporosis and spine issues was very unwell in January and we had to take her back to India in early February where I spent almost 5 months with her while she underwent physiotherapy and other medical treatment. When we returned back to Dubai at the end of June, I did plan to get back to blogging but I just couldn’t muster enough courage to get back to what I loved doing best – writing. I was already experiencing FOMO (this has become my favourite acronym now!) and I was just avoiding the urge to write.

But now I’m back and I just want to say I am so thankful for all the lovely comments I have received while I’ve been away. I am going to go through all of them and reply as soon as possible but thank you so much! It feels so nice to have friends who care and miss you. This blog and all the friends I’ve made through it is indeed a very special and sacred space. ❤

I hope to get back to writing more again. I also hope to make some changes to this writing space to give it a fresh, new feel ! Thank you once again and I love you all ! ❤ ❤


3 thoughts on “Did You Miss Me?

  1. writenlive says:

    Oh yes! I have missed you and quite a lot!!
    I have really been wondering about you. I hope your mother is better after undergoing the treatment.
    You have been in India for 5 months! It’s a shame! We should have met. And I remember you would talk of visiting the mountains. Did you do that?

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